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5 Things to avoid while writing your speech.

Speech writing is an art, it needs experience and special writing talent and although the audience takeaways are only 7% words compared to 93% to the non-verbal communication, but misusing the words remain a key danger on the overall speech impact on your audience.

Below are 5 main things to avoid while writing your speech:

1) Using outdated expressions or overly used ones:

You don't want your audience to feel bored while listening to your speech, do you? Using outdated expressions or overly used ones will leave the audience feeling uninterested even if the core of the speech was new to them.

This is why you have to make sure to use your own new expressions that match with the era you and your audience are witnessing and will trigger their interest.

2) Using jargon:

Using complicated expressions or very scientific terms in front of inexperienced audience will make them detached from your speech and you'll lose their attention, because simply their minds won't be able to process the given information.

Instead try to use simple direct words and in case you have to use a scientific term, make sure to explain it clearly to your audience.

3) Repetitive words:

If you only have 5 minutes to impress your audience, would you like waste them by using repetitive words and expressions? I believe not. Each minute in your speech counts, so make the best use of it by choosing the right words.

4) Long phrases:

People tend to understand short and to the point phrases better than long ones, don't confuse your audience by using very long phrases that will be difficult to comprehend.

Remember that your objective is to gain the attention of the audience, not to show off your language abilities!

5) Religious or political or racist bias expressions :

The last thing you'll want to happen is that any of the attendees feel insulted with your words. Make sure not to mention any jokes or words that could have any religious or political or racist bias.

You want your audience heart and mind to be attracted to your speech, attacking their interests and beliefs in a humiliating way will take them away from your speech and will leave them with a negative impression about you which is dangerous to your reputation as a speaker.

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