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Power from the 1st minute of your speech.

How you start your speech is one of the most important things that attracts your audience attention, and having a strong start is essential.

Below are the the three main things I usually do before speaking on the stage in order to start powerfully:

1) Stand up before speaking 3 minutes earlier as minimum:

Standing up before your speech is important this is to assist the blood to flow smoothly to your brain so you can overcome any sudden decrease in your blood pressure or dizziness. In addition to this, standing up will make your body stretches to the right posture with which you should start your presentation.

2) Drink water:

Water is the best solution for your stress, when you drink water it cools your body down and helps to decrease your anxiety. You’re likely to get more dehydrated when you’re under stress, because your heart rate is up and you’re breathing more heavily, so you’re losing fluid.

All of our organs, including our brains, need water to function properly. If you’re dehydrated, your body isn’t running well and that can lead to stress.

3) Open your mouth and close it several times:

One of the most important assets of great speakers is their voice, and kicking off your speech with a strong voice is the best start. Try opening your mouth and close it several times before you speak so your mouth muscles are ready to bring out the voice from deep within, overcoming speaking with a shallow empty voice.

Power should be felt through each vocal cord used to spell your words, so make the best use of your asset and bring it all out loud!


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