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Must I enjoy my speaking opportunity so it can succeed?

Most probably your 1st thought would be, “Sure, especially if I want it to be influential”

But the fact is no, you may be filled with worries and the desire to just leave the stage or the board room while simultaneously delivering an outstanding speech that everyone loves.

But the answer is more complex. There are some aspects of your presentation that you must enjoy so you can succeed! This might sound contradicting to what I’ve just mentioned. So, let’s break down the points that could affect us from enjoying our speaking opportunity to understand.

Your psychological comfort (5% to 10% influence)

Stressed about your upcoming speaking opportunity and full of questions about your ability to own the floor while speaking up? I understand how this feels and it’s really the time to stop thinking that your fear is about your abilities, it’s more about your PERCEPTION of your abilities and what’s expected from you. It’s okay to be stressed, and a little skeptical but should have confidence about what you can bring to your audience’s attention.

Being worried will not just vanish even with experience; however it could be contained and even with stress, you’re still capable of delivering a powerful speech.

Remember your stress isn’t equal to inability or failure nor it’s the opposite of confidence.

Your physical comfort (30% to 40% Influence)

Even though our feelings and psychological state are mighty, in many cases, if you got an understanding of how to deal with them, you can remove their grip from hindering your performance. However, unfortunately, the physical state is merely a white or black thing. If you didn’t sleep well and are out of focus, It WILL affect your performance, and won’t be able to contain it. If you participated in an activity that affected your voice or body comfort, It will affect your ability to express yourself smoothly and comfortably.

This also doesn’t mean that physical discomfort will automatically mean failure. However, we should care about it as much as we can about our psychological state, especially since it will help us have the power to contain possible psychological discomfort.

How do you perceive your audience? (60% to 70% Influence)

This point is genuinely critical. If you believe your audience is here to judge you or had a downgrading perception of their value, then your presentation will most probably FAIL. This will not only affect your body language while delivering your speech, but it will also it could appear in impulsive reactions toward audience questions or normal behaviors. No one will ever buy the idea from a person who deals condescendingly.

I understand that the fear of judgment is powerful but try to take a step back and ask yourself: Why was I assigned to deliver that presentation? Why would they take their time to listen to someone who they believe has nothing significant to offer?

If they give you their time, they believe you can add to them. And always remember we are not in a public speaking situation to impress the audience with our performance neither is it the core of what we do; we are not singers or choreography performers nor standup comedians; the heart of what we do is knowledge, and the ability to demonstrate that knowledge interestingly to add value to our audience eventually.

Your relationship with your content. (100% Influence)

The most dangerous factor that will stand in the way of your presentation's success.

Tell me, if you cannot enjoy your OWN presentation content, do you expect this to happen to your audience? Of course not.

Public speaking is a way to bring up your hidden potential, perspective, and unique traits.

Look at your presentation as an opportunity to speak up about those things and build conversational content that can address that in a way that adds true value to your audience. Add compelling examples, stories, and facts that you can’t wait to share at different parts of your content, so even you yourself will be excited about each part you deliver.

Building content that not only speaks to your audience's needs but also represents your personality, experience, and values is what can guarantee a memorable speech and an enjoyable one.

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