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How can your speech dazzle your audience?!

Despite the fact that we only hear this expression in fairy tales and movies, but the truth is, you can actually do this in your speeches and presentations too, where you can dazzle your audience with your content and performance.

Let’s see how we can turn your speech into that fantasy your audience wishes to attend:

1) Make them the hero of your story.

When your audience feel that they are the hero of your speech and that they are the main core of what you’re saying, they will feel that you are actually talking to each one of them; you’re referring to their lives, problems, and feelings.When people feel like this, they most probably will never forget your presentation.

2) Connect to feelings.

Can any story be exciting without feelings?

According to Aristotle, 65% of your speech should be surrounded with emotions, where people started feeling their hearts are connected to what you say and do. Your successful speech recipe can never be without emotions.

3) Rescue them!

As in fairy tales, you always find a damsel in distress that needs to be rescued. Let me tell you that your audience need to be rescued or in other words, they need you to offer them solutions, they need to feel that you’re actually helping them to find a way out of their concerns that related to the topics you’re discussing. Find a way out of their concerns that are related to the topic you're discussing.

4) Action! – Interact and engage with them.

We always call a story or a movie breath taking, when its flow is always exciting and unexpected.

You need to engage with your audience in creative ways, making them unable to predict what’s next. Continuously interacting with your audience, keeps them alert, focused with your content and it guarantees they won’t get bored.

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