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Can Bad Conference Management Ruin Speeches/Presentations?

Of course!

I’ve listened to plenty of incidents from my clients where unprofessional event management was the main reason behind ruining the experience of their speeches. Even though presenters/speakers should be able to handle unexpected challenges, it’s no doubt the organizers' duty to facilitate the success of those speaking engagements. On the other hand, I’ve worked with conference managers whose attention to detail was remarkable! And accordingly, the audience experience was perfect.

I’ve always encouraged conference managers and event organizers to study Public Speaking as it will help them understand how small details could ruin the experience for the speakers and their audience. I have personally provided my consultation to many conference managers and corporates regarding stage setups, agenda building, audience seating settings, and many other things that are usually ignored. Things that seem insignificant could cause a lot of damage if weren’t handled professionally.

If you’re a conference manager or event organizer, below are some critical points to remember:

- Provide presenters with all the event’s details within an adequate time before the event.

- Use a stage setup that’s suitable for the screen placement and the speakers’ space movement.

- Use gadgets in excellent condition.

- Arrangement of speech timer type should be agreed upon in advance.

- Lightening direction.

- Audience setup and seating type.

-Proper agenda structure based on audience type and topics covered.

- Tech emergency responsible staff should be introduced to the presenters prior to their speeches.

So what about you? Have you had an unpleasant public Speaking experience before because of unprofessional event management?


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