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3 Mistakes you do that ruin your speech.

1) Saying "sorry" when you forget something:

People don’t actually know what’s the content of your speech so saying sorry when you forget something drives people attention to it and they would not notice unless you say it, so instead of doing this try to replace what you were planning to say with something else that fits the meaning without apologizing to the audience.

2) Saying that you didn’t prepare for your speech:

There is no point to tell the audience that you didn’t have time to be prepared for your speech or the invitation to speak came out of a sudden, that won’t let them be less judgmental or even feel sorry for you in case your performance didn’t go well, In addition to this saying you didn’t prepare what you’ll say doesn’t show enough respect nor the proper attention to your audience who are setting just to listen to you.

3) Ending your speech with saying “The summary of my speech is…”:

The closure of your speech is very important, don’t misuse it with saying “the summary of my speech is…” as once people will hear this, they will be detached from your speech and you’ll miss their attention in the closure, instead end it with repeating the main points or with a well-known quote that illustrates the whole speech meaning and can be easily remembered by your audience.

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